Personality Profile Training Activities

Personality profile training can build respect and trust in business environments for enhanced success.
Personality profile training can build respect and trust in business environments for enhanced success. (Image: Keith Brofsky/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Personality profile training activities are engaged by organizations to empower staff and employees with increased awareness, foster productivity and increase the bottom line. Developed programs and exercises offer participants the opportunity to discover their own and identify other people's personality styles. Training activities typically include discussing style types, showcasing strengths and finding weaknesses to correct. The information is used to create more positive, productive relationships and success in the workplace and in life.

DISC Personality System

As the universal language of behavior, the Drive, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance (DISC) Personality System addresses those four major behavioral styles. Dating back to Ancient Greek times, aspects of the DISC system focus on basic behavior assessments including Assertiveness/Receptiveness and Openness/Control. Participants use profile questionnaires to create personality profiles for all staff, customers and others associated with the organization. The characteristics revealed are used to develop individual behavioral solution strategies for improved relationships and productivity.

Personality Development Courses

Personality development courses consist of training modules that focus on promoting development strategies for participants. The purpose of these courses is to gain recognition of the many and complex influences of how personality impacts activities, including the success of a business. The goal of the training is to demonstrate how personality development can affect behavioral dimensions in significant ways. Students complete required reading such as primary research reports, book chapters and journal articles. Participants also write short papers and take examinations to demonstrate an understanding of the material.

Business Game Training

Staff and executives may learn about personality types and profiling through business training games and activities. Games may focus on supervising under pressure, communication breakdown and repair, and finding effective ways to work within a team environment. Games address real-work environment production and teamwork challenges. One game example is The Personality Game, which was adapted for use in workplaces from the work of Dr. Jose Stevens, a psychotherapist and founder of Essence Psychology and The Integral Personality System. The games are designed for staff to practice learned business skills to be used in corporate and business environments. Other games to consider are experiential exercises like planning and role-playing, which can unleash inhibitions and foster creativity.

Personality and Profile Assessments

The Center for Applied Cognitive Studies suggests that organizations use personality and profile assessments to foster communication based on the Five-Factor Model of Personality, a current standard used by psychologists. The straightforward 107 questions are answered by participants online in 10 to 15 minutes. The analysis is used for assisting with business training such as team building, leadership development, performance coaching, hiring, sales training and conflict management.

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