Preferred Diets for a Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are very small.  Do not feed them big portions.
Chihuahuas are very small. Do not feed them big portions. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Choosing the right diet for a Chihuahua is important. They have very small stomachs so you need to be careful with quantities. According to Chihuahua Training Tips, two to three small and healthy meals a day will be better for a Chihuahua than just one large meal as they will find the smaller quantities easier to digest. Choose appropriate foods for your Chihuahua, if you do not, it will become unhealthy and face problems such as obesity - a common problem for Chihuahuas because of their size.

Homemade Chihuahua Food

According to The Chihuahua Guide, homemade food for your Chihuahua is the preferred diet because you can regulate exactly what goes into it. The Chihuahua Guide recommends homemade food that has a high calorie and protein content because they are active dogs and burn a lot of calories throughout the day. The Chihuahua Guide also recommends lean meat such as chicken, turkey or fish rather than more fatty meats such as pork or lamb. These foods will be good for your Chihuahua's digestive system and stop them putting on too much weight.

Store Bought Dry Food

There is only a small amount of companies that sell dog food specially made for a Chihuahua. However, the ones that do often come in different tastes and varieties and are cheaper to buy than homemade food. Royal Canin Chihuahua, a brand designed especially for Chihuahuas, contains rice, maize, dehydrated poultry meat, vegetable protein isolate and animal fats. According to Pet Meds, it is specially adapted to the Chihuahua's tiny jaw.

Store Bought Wet Food

Canned and wet dog food can also be a good choice for a Chihuahua, says Veterinarian Advice. This is because wet food usually contains a lot of meat, which in turn gives the dog a lot of energy. However, there are no wet or canned dog foods specifically designed for a Chihuahua so you will have to choose a brand that caters to 'small dogs.' It is still a good option though, as the moisture in tinned food will make it easier for your Chihuahua's small mouth and stomach.

What not to Feed a Chihuahua

According to Dr. Dan Carey, a researcher at Iams Research and Development division, Chihuahua’s are small and can be quite charming, so the temptation is to over feed them or give them the wrong foods. 'Human' food or ‘left-over’s’ from meals should not be given to Chihuahuas on a regular basis as this could lead to obesity. It is very tempting to give dogs leftover fat trimmings, fatty red meats or chocolate. However, they just do not have a fast enough metabolism to burn off these foods.

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