The Best Low Shrub With Color

Low-growing shrubs are ideal for small landscape spaces and as foundation plants. To add interest, texture and visual appeal to your landscape, plant colorful low-growing shrubs. Color can come in the form of flowers, foliage or edible fruit the shrub produces. With a wide range of choices and varieties, your landscape can have interesting and colorful low-growing shrubs almost year-round.

  1. Flowering

    • Low-growing flowering shrubs can be in the form of a dwarf variety of a larger shrub or shrubs historically known to stay low in growth. Flowers can appear on the shrub in the spring on dwarf varieties of azalea, forsythia, camellia, lilac or bridal wreath spirea, heath and weigela. Summer-blooming low-growing shrubs include roses, gardenia, fuchsia, bluebeard, hydrangea, potentilla, rock rose, spirea and summersweet.


    • A shrub does not need to have flowers to be colorful; many shrubs have colorful or variegated foliage, which gives an interesting, long-lasting look to your landscape. Purple leaf Japanese barberry is available in several varieties, such as "Atropurpurea," "Golden Ring" and "Red Chief." Smokebush and ninebark shrubs also have red foliage that is colorful and appealing. Variegated foliage on low-growing shrubs gives your landscape texture and can lighten a shaded area. Barberry varieties with variegated leaves are "Variegata," "Kelleris," "Stardust" and "Rosy Rocket." Other low-growing variegated leaf shrubs include dwarf red twig dogwood, cotoneaster and dwarf variegated willow.


    • Several herb plants grow as low shrubs and not only are colorful but also will fill the air with fragrant aroma. Lavender, with blue green foliage and brilliant flower spikes of purple flowers, is often used in landscapes for low shrubbery. Rosemary blooms tiny blue flowers for an extended period during the summer months. Sage and witch hazel also are small herb shrubs often found in landscapes.


    • Low-growing shrubs that produce edible fruit and berries add color to your environment and give you a harvest. Low-bush blueberries, red or black currant, serviceberry, quince and raspberries offer color and an abundance of tasty fruit. Dwarf varieties, or pomegranate, kumquat, fig and citrus fruits, will give you the produce without the bush size while adding color and visual interest to your yard.

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