Creative Ideas for Alcohol Bottles


Instead of throwing them away, save all those alcohol bottles you would normally discard. Get crafty and use them in creative ways and around your home, apartment or office. From a pretty decoration or seasonal applications to daily function, you'll find several methods for repurposing alcohol bottles.

Plant Life

  • In your back or front yard, use rows of partially buried alcohol bottles as borders to lay out vegetable gardens, accent flower beds, borders and walkways. Place fresh water and a long-stemmed flowers into a bottle to use as a vase. Or, turn your bottle into whimsical flower pot. Look into what flowers grow well in small pots and purchase a seed packet at a plant nursery. Drill two or three holes in the bottom of the bottle for drainage. Use a funnel to put potting soil in the bottle. Drop in a seed, add more soil and give as much sunlight and water as the packet instructs.

Wall Art

  • Use bottles to make a very unique clock. If you have a bare, boring wall, this is a creative way to liven it up. Start by measuring your wall to determine what size clock you want. Purchase a clock-making kit in the right size -- one that has the hands, but not the numbers. Mount it on the wall. Mount 12 bottles end-to-end on the wall in the 12 number positions in a circular pattern, with as much or as little space as necessary to create as small or large a circle as you need.

Holiday Thoughts

  • Bottles can be used for a number of uses around the Christmas season. One creative idea is using them to make an accent piece to decorate for a Christmas party. Have the bottoms of several bottles removed. Take a rope of Christmas lights, pack them into the bottles, tape the bottoms to hold the lights in place and arrange the bottles in a basket to hide the tape. Place the basket wherever you like, plug it in, and you have a festive basket of bottled light.

Knick Knack

  • Turn bottles into bookends or curios by fill them with sand or small pebbles and sealing closed with a layer of glue or rubber cement. Break bottles into large pieces, then glue the pieces onto stool legs, end/coffee table tops, countertops or window frames, to perk up a room or piece of furniture with a creative mosaic effect. These ideas work with any glass bottle: alcohol, syrup, root beer, juice, water, oil, wine or milk.

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