My Washing Machine Is Not Emptying the Water


Under normal operating conditions, a washing machine will fill with water and wash the load and then drain and refill to rinse before draining the last time to spin. But when your washing machine isn't emptying water during the wash and rinse, it can cause a major inconvenience. Luckily, you can troubleshoot such problems fairly easily. The repairs may range from a simple adjustment you can do yourself to a parts replacement by a professional.

Clogged Drain Hose

  • Washing machines are equipped with two tubs, one inside the other. The inner tub is the clothes tub, which has drain holes in it. The outer tub actually fills with water. If your machine is not draining out the water but still spins normally, it is likely a problem with the drain hole in the outer tub. A small sock or another small piece of clothing may have slipped between the two tubs and gotten sucked into the drain in the outer tub, preventing water from escaping. This would not otherwise affect the machine. You'll have to remove the item from the drain and perhaps detach the hoses and pull it out if the item gets lodged in the drain hose itself.

Frozen Pump Pulley

  • If the washing machine isn't pumping water out of the tub and it also fails to spin, it's likely a more serious problem with the motor. The pump pulley is probably frozen. This will require a replacement pump. If you wish to remove the motor yourself, you can find out for sure if this is the problem. Just try to spin the pulley with your hand. If it is stuck or difficult to turn, the pulley is frozen and will need to be replaced.

Slow Drain

  • If your washing machine is draining but the water returns, the problem is likely a slow drain. For one reason or another the drain isn't allowing the water to clear the machine in time and some of it is getting siphoned back into the tub before it can completely drain out through the hose. This could be a partially clogged hose. Perhaps a garment is stuck in it. It could also be the result of an incorrectly trimmed drain hose. If the drain hose enters the tub by more than 4 inches it should be cut back to allow proper drainage, according to the RepairClinic website.

Kinked Hose

  • A simple-to-repair cause of water trapped in the washing machine is a kinked hose. Simply look behind the machine or inside the cabinet, depending on your setup. See if any of the drain hoses are kinked and may be preventing water from draining away. Straighten out kinked hoses and the problem should go away.

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