Signs of a Negative Attitude

A negative attitude can pose health problems.
A negative attitude can pose health problems. (Image: Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

A negative attitude can cause serious problems to your overall well-being. When you constantly reflect a negative attitude, it can cause physical reactions in your body. According to the Age4ever website, these reactions include sweating, muscle tension, depression and anxiety attacks. A negative attitude can also lead to relationship problems and unhappiness. Look for telltale signs indicating that you have a negative attitude.

Not Being Happy for Others Good Fortune

With a negative attitude, you will not feel happiness for anyone else because of your own insecurities and perceive yourself as weak or inferior and see other people as a threat. Instead of celebrating others' success, you may only feel jealousy and envy toward them. For example, you may feel jealous someone who has won a contest or earned a reward for an achievement.

Seeing the Negative Side of Everything

If you have a bad attitude, you may see the negatives first in every situation. You may complain about the negatives about a topic or situation, rather than find something positive to say. You may also be preoccupied with a fear that something bad may happen, which will stop you from enjoying a positive moment. This will cause others to see you as a gloomy and depressing person whose negativity may wear on them.

Insulting Remarks

When you have a negative attitude, you have resentment and anger, which will cause you to lash out at others. If you find yourself regularly making insulting or derogatory remarks to others, this may indicate that you have a bad attitude. You may hurt someone's feelings and cause her to become shy or uncomfortable around you. As a result of your behavior, people with whom you associate will not want to be around you.


You will notice that other people will see you as sad or depressed because of your negativity and will try to say things to cheer you up. They will usually do this if they begin to notice that your conversations are mostly complaints about your problems. However, if they notice that you have the same attitude over an indefinite period of time, they will give up on these efforts.

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