Does Ivy Grow in Full Sun?


There are more than 25 different species of ivy, according to the University of Florida. All ivy species growing requirements must be met to spread over structures, trellises, topiaries, containers and gazebos. Consider where to place ivy if grown indoors. Planting ivy where it does not get enough sunlight results in stunted growth and poor health.

Sunlight Requirements Outdoors

  • The amount of sunlight ivy needs depends on where you live. In Northern regions in the United States, ivy needs full sunlight or six to eight hours of sun. In the Southern parts of the United States, full sunlight harms ivy because of heat stress, according to the University of Florida. Plant ivy in partial sun or shady areas if you live in the South.

Increasing Sunlight

  • Not all landscapes receive six to eight hours of sunlight. Pruning overhanging branches increases the amount of sun a yard receives. Make 45-degree, downward angled, cuts back to healthy outward growing branches. Remove entire branches by cutting next to the tree collar, the swelling that attaches the branch to the main trunk. Remove trees that cast too much shade. Plant ivy in south-facing areas of the lawn to get as much sun as possible.

Indoor Requirements

  • Ivy grows well indoors, as long as it gets adequate light. Place ivy containers near windows. The best windows in the home are south facing or west facing, according to Clemson University. Place your ivy near glass doors. If your ivy appears heat stressed, place a shear curtain over the window. Avoid growing ivy in locations with temperature fluctuations, such as next to heaters, air conditioners or frequently used doors.

Other Factors

  • When growing your ivy outdoors or indoors, make sure it has enough water. Because this vine likes to grow in full sun, its soil quickly dries out. Keep the soil moist, but allow the surface of the soil to dry out in between waterings. Water at the plant’s base of the plant rather than overhead. Wet leaves encourage fungal diseases. Avoid over watering your ivy plant, as that promotes fungal diseases and pest infestations.

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