What Mammals Kill Cats?

There are only a few animals that pose a threat to domestic cats.
There are only a few animals that pose a threat to domestic cats. (Image: Photos.com/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Cats are quick, lithe and intelligent, which means that they don't have very many natural enemies. In fact, house cats are very successful predators. However, there are a few animals that have been known to seriously injure or kill outdoor house cats. If you are concerned that your cat could be at risk due to animal activity outside your home, it might be best to keep it inside for awhile.


Coyotes are a wild dog species that prey and feed on small animals. Common to rural areas, there have been numerous reports of coyotes killing and eating house cats. The risk for this goes up in the spring when coyotes are hunting to feed their pups.


Cats can usually hold their own against dogs. Although dogs might have the advantage of size, cat claws can do a great deal of damage. That said, if a large dog caught a cat off guard, it wouldn't be difficult for the dog to kill it.


Raccoons that are frequently exposed to people are unafraid to approach populated areas and can be quite vicious. Working in a group, raccoons could easily kill a cat. There have been numerous reports of this in recent years.

Wild Cats

Large wild cats, such as the lynx, cougar and bobcat, can easily kill a domestic house cat. Such an occurrence is not common, largely because wild cats tend to stay away from populated areas. However, it has been known to happen.


Humans are the mammals that pose the greatest threat to cats. Cats are killed by cars, poison and neglect far more frequently than they are by wild animals. You can help reduce this problem by having your cat spayed or neutered.

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