Cheats for the NES "Super Mario 3 N-Spade" Card Game


Earning 80,000 points in "Super Mario Brothers 3" comes with a reward. A floating playing card, the "N-Spade," will take over a spot on the map. Landing on this space will transport you to a memory game. The game features 18 cards, face down, and you must choose two. You get to keep the prize for every match you make. The secret is to memorize or write down all eight of the possible patterns.

Mushroom Patterns

  • Only six images appear in the N-Spade. They are the Mushroom (M), the Flower (F), the 1up (1up), the Star (S), 10 coins (10) and 20 coins (20). Flip the third card in the first row. If it's a 1up, your pattern is (top row) M, F, 1UP, F, S, S (second row) 20, S, M, 10, 1UP, F and (third row) 20, M, 10, M, F, S. If it's 20, you have one of the other two mushroom patterns. Flip the first card of the second row. If it's the matching 20 your pattern is (top row) M, F, 20, F, 10, S (second row) 20, 1UP, M, 10, F and (third row) S, M, S, M, F, S. If it's the flower, the pattern is (top row) M, F, 20, M, 10, S (second row) F, 1UP, M, 10,1UP, 20 and (third row) S, F, S, M, F, S.

Consistent Matches

  • Flip the first card in the first horizontal row for the first clue. Three patterns begin with a mushroom card. Each has a second mushroom card located in the second horizontal row as the third card from the left. They always hold a star card in the bottom right hand corner, and in the last space on the first horizontal row. A flower is always the second card of the first horizontal row and the fifth card of the last horizontal rows.

Flower Patterns

  • If the first card in the first row is a "flower" there are four possible patterns. Each pattern has a matching flower card in the fifth spot of the third row. For the first one, the pattern is F, S, 1UP, F, 20, M (top row), 10, M, 20, 1UP, M, 10 (second row) and S, F, S, M, F, S (third row). For the second, it's F, 20, M, S, 1UP, F (top row), 1UP, F, 10, M, 20, S (second row) and M, 10, S, M, F, S (third row). For the third, the pattern is F, 10, 1UP, F, 1UP, M (top row) S, M, 20, S, M, 10 (second row) and (third row) S, F, 20, M, F, S. For the fourth one, it's (top row) F, S, 1UP, F, 1UP, M (second row) 10, M, F, S, M, 10 and (third row) S, 20, 20, M, F, S.

1up Patten

  • If you flip the first card in the first horizontal row and see a 1up, the pattern is (top row) 1UP, M,10, M, F, S, (second row) M, 10, S, 20, 20, F and (third row) S, 1UP, F, M, F, S.

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