Hard Drive Requirements for Netscape Navigator

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First released in 1994, Netscape Navigator (and later, "Netscape Communicator") was once a fierce competitor to Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

In 2007, AOL announced that no new versions of Netscape Navigator (then named "Netscape Communicator") would be released. By Feb. 1, 2008, all work on updating the browser had ceased. However, the iconic web browser has provided much of the Internet with an alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer since 1994. If you still use Netscape Navigator, you may want to know the hard drive requirements for each version of the browser.

  1. Required Versus Recommended Hard Drive Space

    • Hard drive requirements for most versions of Netscape are meager, but it's important to understand that more hard drive space is always recommended. As a user browses the Internet, Netscape stores (or caches) temporary bits of information. This information helps speed up the process of browsing, particularly when revisiting a website. Text pages account for very little space, but with a modern video- and picture-heavy Internet, it's reasonable to have as much as 100 MB more hard drive space than the requirements request.

    Before Version 3.0

    • The earliest version of Netscape only required 6 MB of hard disk space.

    Version 3.x

    • For Windows 3.1 users, Netscape Navigator 3.0 only required 3 MB of hard drive space, while Windows 95 users needed twice as much.

    Version 4.x

    • Navigator 4.0 required a minimum of 26 MB of hard drive space when it was release in June 1997. This could be reduce by installing the "base" version, which had fewer programs than the "professional" edition. This requirement didn't change by the final 4.71 release.

    Version 6.x and 7.0x

    • Linux and Windows versions of Netscape 6.0 and 7.0 continued to require only 26 MB of space, but Mac OS-based computers needed 36 MB.

    Version 7.1

    • Version 7.1 made a significant jump, requiring twice as much space over its predecessors (56 MB for Windows and Linux, 72 MB for Mac OS).

    Version 7.2

    • Curiously, Netscape 7.2 required only 26 MB of all platforms, whether Windows, Linux or Mac OS

    Version 8.x

    • All versions of Netscape 8 required a minimum of 35 MB. In addition, no versions of Netscape 8 were available for Linux or Mac OS.

    Version 9.x

    • The final versions of Netscape reintroduced support for Linux and Mac OS. PCs required only 35 MB, followed by Linux requiring 50 MB, with the Max OS version requiring 75 MB of hard drive space. The final revision called for 100 MB on the Windows or Linux and 150 MB on Mac OS

    The Future

    • All work on Netscape browser has ceased, including vital security updates. For a long time, however, Netscape had been developed hand-in-hand with the community-supported Mozilla Firefox Browser. If hard drive requirements (Firefox 4 requires 200 MB) are not an issue, you should consider changing to Firefox.

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