Ideas for Housekeeping Business Cards

Business cards can help generate additional business.
Business cards can help generate additional business. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

A business card often serves as your first introduction to a potential client; therefore, the card should reflect you and your business in a friendly, professional and enticing way. The layout should reflect a clean design without a lot of clutter. Always include contact information so customers can follow up with you at their leisure.

Company Name

Your company name reflects you as a business, so it should be concise, easy to remember and appropriate for business and your industry. A company name should always be reflected on a business card. The titles can range from a simplistic “Molly’s Cleaning,” which conveys a personal and lighthearted tone that still reflects the nature of your business, or a more formal and professional name, such as “M.T. Housekeeping,” which also relays your field. Avoid names that could be misconstrued, be unappealing to a potential customer or don’t clearly convey the company industry, such as “Molly’s Professionals.” Don’t be afraid to use humor such as “Molly’s Messy Remedy” as a catchy company name.


A logo is a simple design that promotes branding for your company, making it more recognizable. A logo accompanies all company stationery, from business cards to letterhead. For a housekeeping business, use a symbol of cleanliness, such as a sparkle on a monotone background. A white sparkle on a blue background, for example, will reflect a feeling of a clean sheen or shine, making it appropriate for a housekeeping business. It is also simple enough that it can be reprinted on small scale, such as on a business card.


Incorporate simple imagery and symbols into other aspects of the card, as long as it doesn't appear cluttered with too much imagery and text. A business card should have a clean look with adequate white space that keeps the viewer's eyes moving and does not overwhelm. A clever way to incorporate more color and visual interest into a business card is to swap out a letter with a relative symbol. For example, in the company title on the business card, “Molly’s Cleaning,” swap out the letter “L” in cleaning for a broom, which relates to the housekeeping business.


A slogan is a short, typically one-line catchphrase that can accompany the company name on a business card or other type of advertising material. The phrase should be catchy and clever so it is likely to stick in the mind of a potential client. This can serve as a way to keep your company name relevant in the mind of the consumer and add a touch of flair. For example, under the company name “Molly’s Cleaning," write, “If you can mess it up, we can clean it up.” This adds a touch of character and charm to the cards that may snag a consumer’s attention enough to give your business a call.

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