Recommended Age for Breeding Pomeranians

Let your Pomeranian reach physical maturity before you breed it.
Let your Pomeranian reach physical maturity before you breed it. (Image: Ryan McVay/Lifesize/Getty Images)

The Pomeranian is a small breed of dog with a friendly disposition and a teddy-bear face. They are popular as companion animals as they are very affectionate and crave attention. If you have a purebred registered Pomeranian, you may decide to breed it. It is important that you make sure your Pomeranian is in the optimum age range for breeding to ensure the health of both the mother and the puppies.

Minimum Age

Pomeranians should be at least 2 years old before you breed them. This applies to both male and female animals. This gives them time to mature physically and mentally, and any genetic problems usually become apparent by around that age. Do not breed from animals that have bad temperaments or display problems such as seizures. If a female dog is not allowed to reach her full size before breeding, she will remain stunted, as she puts her energy into feeding her puppies instead of her own growth.

Maximum Age

A female Pomeranian should be retired from breeding between the ages of five and seven. You may decide to retire her earlier if your veterinarian suggests retirement would be better for her health. She may continue to enter heat until she is 12 years old or more and many vets recommend spaying once you know you will not be breeding her anymore. Male dogs can continue to breed for as long as they display an interest in females.

Breeding Frequency

Every dog is different. A general guideline is to breed a female Pomeranian for two heat cycles in a row, and then breed every second heat cycle. It is important that she gets enough rest between litters, especially if she has had to have a cesarean or there have been any other health issues. If you are unsure if she is ready, then veterinarian evaluate your dog before breeding her again.

Other Breeding Issues

Never breed your female Pomeranian to a much larger dog, as she will have problems delivering her puppies and is much more likely to require a cesarean. It is safe to breed a female to a smaller male, provided both meet the breed standards. The male Pomeranian should never weigh more than 3 pounds more than the female Pomeranian. Females should be more than 4 pounds when you breed them.

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