Types of Red Chihuahua

Red Chihuahuas come in a vareity of colors and markings.
Red Chihuahuas come in a vareity of colors and markings. (Image: Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images)

Chihuahuas have become one of the most popular breeds for their large personalities and compact size. Originating from their name-sake state of Mexico, these high-class pets have evolved over centuries into the lovable dogs we know today. The American Kennel Club recognizes most color combinations in this versatile breed, including those of the black, blue, and red color families. The red family includes all dogs with a predominant coat color ranging from beige to brown, with any variety of markings in between.


Cream colored chihuahuas range from a pale beige to a reddish-blond. These dogs can often have dark markings around the muzzle and ears, or solid white patches on the chest and paws. The skin should be pink, with the exception of black on the nose and around the eyes.


Fawn chihuahuas are slightly darker with coats ranging from warm tan to gold. Most are solid colored, but white chests and a stripe of white between the eyes is also common. The skin should be pink, with either pink or black surrounding the nose and eyes.


Red Chihuahuas have a rich sienna colored coat, similar to an Irish Setter or a dark Golden Retriever. Most are long-haired with white markings across the neck, chest, face, and paws. Red Chihuahuas with black and white are technically considered part of the tri-color family. Skin is typically pink, including the nose and eyes.


Chocolate Chihuahuas range from a dark brown to a near-black sable color. Sable colored Chihuahuas usually have predominantly brown fur with some black hairs mixed evenly throughout the coat, resulting in a near-black color. A popular marking pattern includes tan across the chest and above the eyes, similar to a Doberman Pinscer.

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