What Do You Mean by Corporate Sales?

Inside sales reps sometimes partner with outside reps by setting appointments on the phone.
Inside sales reps sometimes partner with outside reps by setting appointments on the phone. (Image: BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Corporate sales is the business-to-business division within a corporation, in which sales of materials or goods are managed and completed to other businesses. Some companies do corporate sales along with consumer sales. Others are in business solely to sell to other businesses, making corporate sales the primary business driver.

Distribution Channel Basics

You will find lots of businesses selling to other businesses, comprising a very prominent aspect of the U.S. economy. Typically, before products reach the end consumer, these goods and their parts have gone through a progression of sales steps that make up the distribution or trade channel. Products are general conceived by manufacturers who make them. Manufacturers traditionally sell to distributors or wholesalers, who then distribute or sell products to retailers. Consumers generally interact with retailers for the purchase of goods for personal consumption.

Inside Sales

Sales representatives employed by manufacturers or wholesalers usually sell as either inside salespeople or outside salespeople. Inside salespeople generally work within a company office space and meet there with prospects and clients. Phone order processing, selling goods, taking orders and resolving problems and customer complaints are among common sales tasks undertaken by inside sales reps, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Cold calling to establish initial customer contact is also standard.

Outside Sales

Outside or field sales reps travel to meet with business prospects and existing clients. Significant amounts of a typical day involve travel and wait time. Outside reps usually meet with new prospects and present them with the benefits of carrying the products they sell. Visual tools such as product samples, brochures, videos and portfolios are often used to supplement the presentation. Outside reps also routinely visit with existing clients to maintain those relationships and to potentially sell upgrades, renewals or additional products.

Sales Support

Corporate sales divisions within a company usually have support staffs that also assist with the processes of selling and servicing. This includes receptionists who receive calls and take messages for outside reps, customer support reps who help customers through issues over the phone and sales support staff members who help put together files on prospects and clients and assist in managing those files. Many companies also provide ongoing training for their salespeople to constantly improving their selling abilities.

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