Bandana Styles for Guys


Bandana styles for guys vary in pattern, material and tying techniques. This accessory is worn to create a unique personal style, give your head extra protection from the sun, hold loose hair back or avoid windblown hair. Bandana tying techniques are simple and quick to complete.

Designs and Materials

  • According to Men’s Clothing, bandanas are made from natural or synthetic fabrics including cotton, silk, polyester and spandex. Cotton and polyester are great for casual outdoor occasions while silk is best suited for making a fashion statement. Spandex bandanas are best used to hold hair in place. Common designs and color themes include solid colors and asymmetrical and paisley prints. Crocheted bandanas are popular during fall and winter seasons.

Effortless Tying Techniques

  • For a classic bandana look, fold the bandana into a triangle and pull the two farthest corners around to the back base of your head and tie. The rolled headband style is also simple to accomplish. Fold the bandana into a triangle and then loosely roll the material from the tip to the base of the triangle. Once rolled, the middle of the bandana should be placed on the forehead before each end is wrapped around the head equally for an even tie.

Do-Rag Style

  • The do-rag style requires a slightly larger bandana, as all ends must come together separately for tying. With the middle of one edge of the bandana pressed to your forehead and the rest draped over the top of your head, pull the pressed end of the bandana back over the top of your ears. Next, make all four corners meet at the back of your head and tie them together. Do-rags are typically paisley and made from cotton.

Skull Cap

  • Skull caps are already shaped to fit, cover the entire head and are typically cotton or spandex. Most skull caps are solid in color, although black and white paisley is a popular design, and are usually one-size-fits-all. Some skull caps come with an adjustable tie. Because this style is meant to fit securely on the head, it is great for avoiding windblown hair from riding on a motorcycle.

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