Sales Promoter Duties


If you like to talk to people and can think quickly on your feet, a sales promoter job might be for you. Successful sales promoters can earn salaries commensurate with the amount of effort they put in as the jobs are often based on commissions. Other key sales promoter personality traits include persistence and resilience because sales promoters incur a lot of rejection.


  • Sales promoters must meet company-set goals for selling products. People in the field are compensated based on how much they sell. If a sales promoter doesn't meet the quota, then he risks losing his job. Sales promoters undergo training to improve techniques and learn skills for closing sales.

Inform Customers

  • To effectively sell products, sales promoters must inform potential customers about the features and benefits of the product they're selling. Sales promoters must identify needs in people and then convince them that the product they sell fills that need. Customers ask many questions before buying a product. They'll want to know how much the product costs, how it works and how long it lasts. Potential customers will want to know how this product is different from others.

Represent Company

  • Sales promoters are also company representatives. They must appear clean-cut, speak intelligently without cursing and dress in a manner befitting of their product. Dress can vary, depending upon the company. A sales promoter working at a trade show may wear a suit and tie, while a promoter selling beer in a bar may dress in khakis and a button-down shirt. The promoter should seek clarification from the company she works for regarding appropriate attire.


  • Sales promoters may rise to positions of leadership where they devise marketing methods. They conduct market research to discover attributes of the product's target customer so the company can fine-tune its marketing efforts. Sales promoters prepare marketing materials or write scripts for other promoters to memorize and use while selling the product. Sales promoters also track the efficacy of marketing campaigns to ensure the company is earning a return on its investment.


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