Tips for Trimming a Bikini Line

Clean, sharp scissors trim effectively.
Clean, sharp scissors trim effectively. (Image: Paul Tearle/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

The hair between your thigh and groin, also known as the bikini line, can cause embarrassment when wearing a swimsuit or underwear. Minimizing, or even eliminating, pubic hair became popular among American women during the first half of the 20th century. The practice fell out of fashion after World War II but appeared again during the 1980s when revealing bathing suit lines lead many women to trim, shave or wax this region.

Use the Right Scissors

Not all scissors are equal when it comes to trimming your pubic hair. The short curves surrounding your groin make long scissors impractical and dangerous. Short scissors, like the size of nail scissors, afford more control without adding the excess inches of sharp, bladed surface. The coarseness of pubic hair also makes standard construction-paper scissors ineffective. Short scissors that cut dense material, such as fabric or craft scissors, allow you to efficiently and safely trim your bikini line.

Keep It Clean

Hygienic precautions are important when trimming pubic hair given the sensitive area. Soak your scissors in a shallow container of rubbing alcohol for 30 seconds for trimming to remove any contaminants. Dry the scissors immediately afterward using clean paper towels to prevent rust and avoid the bacteria commonly found in hand towels. Repeat this disinfecting process after trimming as well. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the scissors.

Maximum Visibility

The last thing you want is to be poking and snipping blindly around your bikini line. Turn on all the bathroom lights or bring in an additional lamp if necessary. Place a medium to large vanity mirror on the floor beneath your pubic region and prop-up an additional mirror directly in front of your crotch. Coordinating your movement in a mirror is tricky so practice looking in the mirror and moving the scissors side to side before trimming.

Trim When Dry

Softening your bikini line hair in the bathtub or with shaving cream is important before shaving, but not trimming. Wet bikini line hair sticks to your skin, making trimming difficult. Instead, trim the hair before soaking or lathering, while your skin and body are completely dry. Make your bikini line hair accessible for trimming by brushing the hair against the growth direction with your fingers before trimming.

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