Courtney Love Halloween Costume Ideas


Courtney Love has earned attention as an actress and a musician. Love has been in the public eye with legal problems over the years. Perhaps her marriage to Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, who died in 1994, gained her more fame than other aspects of her life. While some adore her and others hate her, Courtney Love is seldom ignored. Dressing as Courtney Love for Halloween presents some entertaining options.


  • While Courtney Love has, at times, worn looks that were glamorous, she is often associated with a certain mix of punk rock with glamor. Keeping those elements in mind, the closet might hold the clothing for the costume. A baby doll dress, with a black bra conspicuously emerging underneath and combat boots is a combination that works well. Add some torn stockings to the ensemble. Even a slip instead of a dress would find precedence in past Love appearances. High-heeled shoes could be worn instead of boots.

Makeup and Hair

  • Blond hair is needed to pull off the Courtney Love look without a wig. Dye is another option. Whether a wig or real hair is used, an unkempt look works best. Avoid combing if possible. A wig with a bleached blond look and dark roots, if available, would work best. Makeup should be bold, but also poorly done. Red lipstick should be smudged. Lots of eye makeup, again smudged or running, works for the Courtney Love treatment.


  • Costumes become most effective when details are added. Handcuffs attached to one wrist would be a great accessory. Courtney Love often wore a costume style tiara. A microphone or beer bottle, or both, can add to the look. Wear plenty of jewelry, but go for pieces that don't necessarily work that well together. While perhaps not really a detail, if a second person is available to be Kurt Cobain, the Courtney Love look will work even better.

Gender Swap

  • Gender swap costumes are often played for the humorous aspect. When laughs are the goal, particularly bad costumes or costumes with an added twist, are most effective. That includes celebrity costumes. A man dressing as a Courtney Love would be a prime example of that extra level of humor. Leaving legs unshaven, and chest if applicable, would make it even funnier. Even facial hair, while making the connection a bit less obvious, could ramp up the humor.

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