The Conversion of Square Inches to Square Feet


Knowing how to convert square inches to square feet is a must for those who want to remodel their homes. That's because building structures are often measured in units of square feet, but the materials used to build them are measured in square inches Converting square inches to square feet can be done in different ways. Which way to use will depend on your situation.

Method Requirements

  • Mental and on-paper methods for converting square inches to square feet require you remember and divide by one number, the conversion factor. Calculator methods require that you have a calculator or computer available. Another method requires that you have a square-inches-to-square-feet conversion table handy. Dimensional analysis methods require that you derive the conversion factor, and you know how to cancel out units.

Mental and Paper Methods

  • Divide the number of square inches by 144. Calculate that 144 square inches is equal to 1 square foot because each side of a square foot is 12 inches in length and 12^2 equals 144. Calculate that 14.4 square inches is equal to 0.1 square feet since 14.4 divided by 144 is equal to 0.1.

Online Calculator

  • Use an online square-inches-to-square-feet calculator such as the ones given in Resources. Enter the number of square inches in the text box on the online calculator page and click the "Calculate" or "Compute" button to display the answer in square feet.

Table Methods

  • Use a table that lists square-inches-to-square-feet conversions such as the one found at the Ask Numbers website (see Resources). Look up the value in square inches you want to convert in the square inches column and find the associated square feet value.

Square Root Method

  • The square root method will give the equivalent square feet and also as a byproduct give the number of inches and the number of feet on each side of the area (assuming the area is a square). First take the square root of the number of square inches to obtain the number of inches on one side of a square. Divide the result by 12 to obtain the length of one side of the square in feet. Multiply the length of the side by itself to obtain the equivalent number of square feet. To make things easier, use the following equation:

    [√(number of square inches)/12]^2

    If the number of square inches was 300, the equation produces the result 2.08 square feet. This is the same result you would obtain by dividing the number of square inches by 144.


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