Places of Interest in Kosovo

A newly independent nation, Kosovo is located in Eastern Europe and takes influence from the neighboring countries of Macedonia, Serbia and Albania. Though still a developing nation, Kosovo offers travelers rugged wilderness, bustling cities and small towns where time seems to stand still and provides a true "off-the-beaten-path" experience.

  1. Pristina

    • Visit the capital of Kosovo, Pristina, for a slice of life in the small, developing country. The Kosovo Museum features a collection of artifacts from the city's past and visitors can trace the country's revolution and struggle for freedom at the small museum of Ibrahim Rugova. Contained within a house, the museum is dedicated to the country's former president and "architect of Kosovo's independence," according to "The Guardian." Trendy types will enjoy upmarket neighborhoods like Dardania, filled with coffee bars.


    • Catch a glimpse of small city life in Kosovo by exploring the rustic streets and back alleys of Peja, a town of just over 100,000 inhabitants. Located on the Pecka Bistrica River, Peja dates back to Roman times and was a major trade and commerce center during the medieval era and Renaissance. Home to a mix of Christians and Muslims, Peja contains various historic mosques, churches and cemeteries built alongside rough roads and thatched roof homes.

    Sar Mountains

    • Stretching from the south of Kosovo to the northeast of Albania via Macedonia, the rolling, green Sar Mountains reach heights of more than 8,000 feet. Most travelers limit their exploration to Sar Mountains National Park, set among the range's northern slopes and home to a ski resort. Nature lovers will enjoy the region's lakes and rivers as well as the biodiversity of the Sar range, which is home to 20 rare native species, according to Argophilia.


    • Take in the Old World charm of Prizren, a small city in Kosovo, resting at the base of the Sar Mountains. With roughly 70,000 denizens, the architecture of Prizen's old center has largely been preserved and contains winding alleyways, aged buildings with orange roofs and a smattering of mosques and churches. Local artisans are renowned for their work with gold and silver, embroidery and handicrafts. Take in a view of the city from the Kalaja fortress, an 11th-century structure atop a large hill.

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