What Are the Fitness Scores of a 5th Grader?


Several different tools and programs may be used to assess the domains of fitness for 5th grade students. The Physical Fitness Test of The President's Challenge is a widely used to tool to assess physical fitness in elementary students. The program assessing scores based on age, not grade level. The highest honor awarded through the program, The Presidential Physical Fitness Award, is bestowed upon students who achieve scores ranking in the 85th percentile in all five activities. Students who rank in the 50th percentile receive an award as well, The National Physical Fitness Award.


  • One aspect of the test is curlups. Students lie on their back, knees flexed, arms across their chest. Students raise their torso, until the elbows touch the thighs, then lower their torso back to the ground. They complete as many repetitions as they can in 60 seconds. To be ranked in the 85th percentile, an 11-year-old boy (the average age of a 5th grade student) must complete 47 curlups, and a girl must complete 42. The 50th percentile scores are 37 for boys and 32 for girls.

Shuttle Run

  • To receive The Presidential Physical Fitness Award, an 11-year-old male must complete a shuttle run in 10 seconds, while a female must do it in 10.5 seconds. To receive The National Physical Fitness Award, a boy must achieve a time of 11.1 seconds, and a girl must have a time of 11.5 seconds. Mark two parallel lines 30 feet apart. Place two pieces of wood behind one line. The student starts at the opposite line, and on the signal, runs, retrieves one piece of wood, runs back to the starting line, then goes to retrieve the second piece of wood.

Endurance Run and Walk

  • The one-mile run is used for 5th grade students, as well as 4th graders, so students should be familiar with the protocol. To be included in the 85th percentile, a boy must complete the run in 7:32 and a girl must complete it in 9:02. The 50th percentile times are 9:20 and 11:17 for boys and girls, respectively.


  • Students hang from a horizontal bar using either an overhand or underhand grip. The student must lift themselves up until their chin is above the bar. To rank in the 85th percentile, a boy must complete 6 pullups, while an 11-year-old girl must complete 4. To rank in the 50th percentile, a boy must complete 2 pullups and a girl must complete 1.


  • For the V-sit exercise, a line two feet long is marked. Another line measuring four feet intersects with the first line at the "0" point. Student sits at the baseline, with their feet 8 to 12 inches apart and their shoes removed. Hands are placed on top of each other, and the student reaches forward while a partner holds their legs to the floor. The 85th percentile score for 11-year-old males is 4 inches and 6.5 inches for females. 50th percentile scores for the V-sit are 1 inch for boys and 3 inches for girls.

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