List of Materials for a Bathroom Remodel


Undertaking a bathroom remodel can be a messy and time-consuming task. Whether you are planning a gut renovation or simply replacing a vanity, you will need tools and materials to get you through the process. Before you get started, you'll want to have everything you need on hand to ensure a smooth remodel.

Tools and Supplies

  • Standard construction tools, such as drills, hammers, screws, nails, measuring tape, table saws and sandpaper, will likely be necessary for your remodel. For cutting tiles, you will need a wet saw and a razor knife. For demolition, you will need a sledgehammer, chisel and even a jackhammer for cemented items that are too difficult to break apart with a mallet.

Building Materials

  • These items will make up the bulk of the materials you need for your remodel. Your flooring materials might include ceramic or glass tile and wood. Tile is the most common because it is durable and affordable for a bathroom space. It can withstand the moisture and humidity created in bathrooms and is still easier to clean than wood or carpeting. You can also use tile for backsplashes, wall features, shower stalls and bathtub surrounds. Caulk and silicone are necessary for setting fixtures in place. You may also need paint or wallpaper to complete the look of your new bathroom.

Furnishing and Fixtures

  • Furnishings and fixtures needed in a bathroom are a toilet, vanity with sink, light source, bathtub or shower. You will also need pipes to connect these items to plumbing and make them functional. Storage space, such as medicine cabinets, shelving or built-in storage will also be needed for this space. Towel racks, soap dishes and shower curtains are staples in any bathroom.

Bonus Appliances and Gadgets

  • Depending on the budget of your remodel, you may have a few extra items to include in your bathroom, such as tile warmers, fans and heating devices, custom hardware and faucets, a telephone, bidet or a television.

Safety Gear

  • Along with the actual supplies needed for your bathroom remodeling, you will need several items to keep you safe, including eye protection and thick work gloves. These materials are especially important during demolition where debris can be a big nuisance. Always wear closed-toe comfortable work shoes as well.


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