Collagen Protein Treatments for Nails


Nails may become weak, brittle and prone to breakage in times of stress, or when your body and skin lack the necessary vitamins. To make nails stronger, supplements containing collagen protein can be used. These supplements can be in the form of pills, dietary supplements such as a powdered drink or a treatment for the nails. Over time, thanks to the restoration of collagen, nails become stronger and grow longer.

The Treatment

  • Collagen protein nail treatments work by going deep into the cellular structure of your nail to restore these necessary nutrients. These treatments are applied to the surface of the nail, similar to the way a nail is polished. Once applied, nails become stronger and less prone to breakage, and their strength increases over time.


  • The collagen protein nail treatments bring back health to your nails. Liquid collagen protects the nails as it is part of the natural structure. These treatments may also contain vitamins A and E which add strength and make them grow longer faster.

Directions for Use

  • Collagen protein nail treatments should be used on clean, dry nails. They can be applied under nail polish, or alone. Brush on nail treatment, wait about a minute for it to dry, then apply the nail polish. Remove as you would remove nail polish: with gentle acetone.


  • According to website, about 30 percent of the body's protein is actually collagen. When nails are treated with collagen, they become stronger and do not chip. Collagen protein is used by doctors to improve the health and appearance of skin, hair and nails. With these nail treatments, your nails will be strong and healthy.


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