1950s Date Ideas


Dating in the 1950s was fun, cheap and simple. It was expected that the boy asked the girl out, paid for the meal and dropped her off at her house. The two would then usually go do something that was easy and enjoyable, such as bowling or watching a movie. There are some classic 1950s date ideas that will bring fun and variety to your dating life.

Heading to a Drive-In Movie Theater

  • Drive-in movies were immensely popular in the 1950s. All sorts of people would meet up, grab a bite to eat and head to the drive-in theater where they could sit in the comfort of their car while watching a movie with their date. It may be difficult to find a drive-in theater where you are located, but if you do, it will be a special and unique 1950s style date.

Eating at an Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor

  • Ice cream parlors were a popular place to hang out in the 1950s. Some of the most popular menu items included regular scoops of ice cream, sundaes, banana splits, malts, shakes and floats. Instead of going to a coffee shop and talking over an espresso, head to an old-fashioned ice cream parlor and share a banana split.

Going Bowling

  • Bowling was the activity of choice in the 1950s. Young people would head there in groups and beat each other at several games in a row, having simple fun and an enjoyable time with one another. Take your date to a bowling alley and test each other's skill level. This is even more enjoyable if you have a bowling marathon, where you play several games one after another.

Sharing a Malt at the Diner

  • What is more classic 1950s than sharing a malt at the local diner? The black and white checkered floor and red booths is a 1950s diner staple. Head there with your date and order a hamburger and fries, a grilled cheese sandwich or a BLT. It is even better if the diner you go to has a jukebox where you can choose your favorite song to listen to while you eat.

Having a 1950s Movie Night

  • A creative and fun date idea is to rent some 1950s films and have a movie night with your date. Some of the top movies in the 1950s were "Singin' in the Rain," "12 Angry Men," "Rear Window" and "Sweet Smell of Success." You may enjoy some food that was popular in the 1950s while you watch the movies, such as grilled kabobs, Swedish meatballs or chicken pot pie.


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