Questions to Ask in a Long Distance Relationship


When entering a long-distance relationship, no matter how many miles are between you and your significant other, there are certain questions that you must ask yourself and your partner. It is in your best interest as a couple to be open with your communication since the future of your relationship depends on it.


  • Ask your long-distance partner questions about how he envisions your visits together. Determine how often you will be able to see each other and for how long. Decide if you will visit your partner, he will visit you or if you should meet at a central location. You also should ask him his views on staying the night together since it is likely that your visits will be overnight depending on the distance between you. Also ask him what types of activities you can plan to do together on visits.

Ground Rules

  • Ask your significant other the ground rules she believes you should set while living miles away from each other. Determine whether or not you can see other people. Figure out how she sees your long-distance relationship working and what her definition of commitment is. Ask how often you should talk to each other and what time of day will work best with her schedule. Setting basic ground rules and finding out her views on a long-distance relationship will help maintain trust in your relationship.

Interests and Opinions

  • In your long-distance relationship you rely on your phone calls or Skype face talks to keep in contact with your loved one. These daily talks can get quite repetitive if you are unable to discuss much outside of your plans for the day and how much you miss each other. Keep your phone calls interesting by asking a variety of questions about your partner's interests and opinions on various topics including politics, religion, sports, favorite foods, career plans, family life, hobbies and morals.

All About You

  • In addition to asking your significant other specific questions while in your long-distance relationship, you should ask yourself questions about your relationship. When you are apart from him, do you think of him and desire to be with him? If not, you might need to reconsider your relationship. Think about where you see your relationship going and if a successful future is in store for the both of you as a couple. Ask yourself what you consider to be the pros and cons of being in your long-distance relationship.


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