Signs a Man Will Be a Good Father


When dating a man, you not only want to pay attention to his good looks, financial stability and fun personality, but you should also consider whether this man would make a good husband and father of your future children. One of the most important traits of a father is integrity because this is the basis of other important traits such as respect, trustworthiness, loyalty and kindness. If you and your boyfriend are discussing marriage, you should discuss both of your views on parenthood and how you believe children should be raised.

Selflessness and Sacrifice

  • If your boyfriend is generous and willing to sacrifice his needs for the well-being of others, he probably would make a good father. For example, if you have a 3-year-old daughter and your boyfriend makes an effort to take her on enjoyable activities on some weekends even though he normally spends the weekends catching up on office work, he's showing that he's willing to sacrifice for the sake of your daughter.

Emotional Maturity

  • This is another good trait for fathers to have because they especially will need this when parenting becomes difficult. If your boyfriend often walks away from heated arguments with difficult friends or relatives instead of screaming insults at them, then he likely will apply this skill to parenting. Or if he can admit when he's wrong and apologizes to you for his bad actions, this shows that he has the maturity needed to raise a child.

Financially Stable

  • Because fathers often have to provide for their children, a financially stable man would make a good father. For example, if a man always saves part of his income every two weeks to be able to purchase a home one day, this shows that he has the discipline that's needed to provide for children financially. Or if he's always looking for a better job opportunity that will give him the income he needs to start a family, there's a possibility he'll be a good father.


  • Good fathers also acknowledge that they don't have all the answers when trying to raise children. If your fiance often meets with his parents to discuss his desire to start a family and get advice from them on this issue, this is a sign that he wants to prepare himself for parenthood by talking to those who have experienced this stage in their lives.


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