Monster Mud Projects


Monster mud is a man-made compound used to harden fabrics and create decorations. This mixture is a combination of drywall joint compound and latex paint. Special effects artists use monster mud to make decorations that appear lifelike. Most often, these decorations will center on a Halloween theme, hence the name.


  • Create a spooky harbinger of doom to light the way to hell for your yard. Use PVC pipe and steel flanges to create the frame of your gatekeeper with one outstretched arm. Attach the frame to a wooden base and use chicken wire to flesh out the frame. Glue a battery-operated lantern to the end of the outstretched arm. Mix five parts drywall joint compound to one part black latex paint and mix thoroughly to make your monster mud. Dip large strips of burlap into your mud. Drape the burlap artfully over the frame and use extra mud to cover the seams. The monster mud will harden overnight, leaving your decoration finished. Leave your gatekeeper outside for Halloween and astonish the neighbors.

Spooky Tree

  • Make a creepy tree using a wooden frame and burlap. Nail wooden planks together vertically for the frame of your tree. Attach PVC pipe to the upper part of the tree frame using glue for branches. Give these PVC pipes a variety of angles for a gnarled look. Wrap the wooden frame in chicken wire to give it a rounded appearance. Mix up mud with drywall joint compound and brown latex paint in a 5-1 ratio. Dip the burlap into the monster mud and drape it onto the tree. Do not flatten out the burlap, to keep it looking like bark. Add rubber bats, black cats and jack-o'-lanterns to the tree for a creepier appearance.

Forever Mourning Bride

  • Use monster mud to create a bride who is forever mourning her groom. Create a wooden tombstone with the epitaph "Beloved" written --- or engraved --- on it. Paint it a light gray. Obtain an old mannequin from a department store and pull off the head and hands. Search your local thrift shop for an antique bridal gown with lacy details. Dip the bridal gown and a polystyrene wig head in white monster mud before dressing your mannequin. Drape the headless bride over your tombstone. Attach the wig head and curly medium-length wig to the neck stump of your mannequin. Create skeletal hands from wire and white polymer clay and attach them to the wrist stumps. Step back and admire your forever mourning bride.

Wall Breaker

  • Make a grim reaper erupt from the wall using PVC pipe and monster mud. Make a square from PVC pipe with a connector sticking up vertically from the center of the top and the right side. Attach a plastic prop skull to the top connector and a plastic skeletal hand to a PVC pipe on the connector on the right side. Wrap the PVC frame and the top of the skull in chicken wire for a more rounded appearance. Mix up some black monster mud in the 5-1 ratio and dip long strips of burlap in it. Wrap the burlap around the chicken wire to give your reaper his cloak. Use nails and mounting brackets to fasten your decoration to the wall so that it appears to be breaking through.

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