Scary Makeup Ideas for Halloween for Bloody Mary


"Bloody Mary" was, according to a popular urban legend, a witch who killed young girls in the town and used their blood to reclaim her youth. In the tale, she was burned at the stake by villagers but, before she died, she cursed her accusers so that if anyone were to say her name three times in front of a mirror, she would appear in the reflection. To make a Bloody Mary costume, makeup will help complete the look.

Pale Face

  • To look haunting, a ghostly pale face will set the foundation for your makeup. Choose a very light powder or cream base. For a more otherworldly quality, you can add clear gloss or even blue creamy hues to look more like a reflection in a mirror. Petroleum jelly applied with a cotton ball is one way to create this glossy look for your foundation.

Red Eyes

  • Sometimes Bloody Mary is depicted as having evil, glowing red eyes. You can achieve this look with red contacts, but these lenses are sometimes uncomfortable and expensive. Use makeup to create this effect by spreading red and black eye shadow on the lids, below the eye and surrounding the outer corners. Around the red, you can use more black eye shadow to make the eyes look more sunken and ferocious.


  • Because Bloody Mary was burned at the stake, you can apply makeup to look as if your skin was burned. You can use liquid latex or wet toilet paper to create sores on the face around the mouth and neck. Paint the latex or paper once it hardens with red, brown and black makeup to create this look.

Fake Blood

  • No Bloody Mary costume is complete without fake blood. Apply liberally around the mouth, cheeks, neck and forehead. You can even continue the fake blood onto your garment, which might be a Victorian-style dress.

"Pretty" Touches

  • Do not be afraid to take an evil, yet feminine approach to the makeup application. After all, Mary was a witch who fed on the blood of the young to make herself look youthful and pretty. An exaggerated take on traditional makeup will be a spooky touch. For example, wear very long false eyelashes in black or red. Line the eye with dark, heavy liner. Make the lips either pale and ghostly or blood red.

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