School Supplies List for High School Girls


Many girls look forward to back-to-school shopping, but beyond a fall wardrobe, they may not know what supplies they need for the new school year. High school girls often keep mirrors and toiletries, in addition to textbooks, in the locker. However, it is a good idea to first confirm that space allows for such accessories. Before shopping for school supplies, it is helpful to measure the size of one's locker or personal space.

Basic Supplies

  • Basic high school supplies typically include lined paper, three-ring binders, tab dividers, spiral notebooks, pens with blue or black ink, No. 2 pencils, highlighters, stapler and three-hole punch. Depending on the level of math class taken, a student also may need a graphing calculator. Graphing calculators are used in trigonometry, pre-algebra, algebra and calculus classes. While graphing calculators may be provided to students for use in class, students will need their own calculator to complete homework. A zip drive or USB drive is also helpful to save and transfer work between home and school computers. Textbook covers are another important school supply. Some schools issue textbook covers, but they are uniform, making it easy for students to confuse textbooks and inadvertently take another student's. Hence, colorful or decorative textbook covers are not only more fun, they are more practical. Also, a lock for a gym locker is needed, since girls normally have to remove earrings and other jewelry for gym class. Most hallway lockers are equipped with a combination lock or key, but if not, a second lock would be needed for this locker.

Planner and Travel Gear

  • A planner or organizer is an essential school supply item, especially for the girl who is very involved scholastically. Planners help students to document test days, class presentations, assignment due dates and more. Planners also assist students who are very busy with athletics or other extra-curricular activities after school. A backpack is important for carrying textbooks and papers, but a second bag, such as a tote, also may come in handy. A tote helps to transport items that do not fit inside a backpack already full of books. A tote can be used to carry gym clothes, sneakers, deodorant, hair brush and toiletries, sports uniform or other personal belongings that a girl may need every day or a few days a week. Also, a lunchbox should be purchased if planning to pack a lunch.

Locker Gadgets

  • Locker gadgets are not necessary school supplies, but they can be very useful. For instance, locker mirrors are a must-have for many high school girls. Locker mirrors are slim enough attach to the inside door of a locker. Since they are attached by a large magnet, they are easy to put up and take down. Also, hanging organizers can be purchased for lockers. These organizers have small pockets and compartments to hold items such as lip gloss, makeup and hand sanitizer. Another locker gadget that is helpful is a magnetic cup or utensil holder that attaches to any inside part of the locker. This holder can be used to hold pencils and pens and other small supplies so that a girl can grab them on-the-go.

Personal Items

  • Pocket-size hand sanitizers are good to have at school to help prevent infectious diseases. However, some schools prohibit students from carrying personal sanitizer and instead provide it in hallways and classrooms. If there are no restrictions on sanitizer items, sanitized wipes are also helpful because they can be carried in a backpack or tote and without risk of spilling on important papers and belongings. Another useful personal item is a water bottle. Schools often allow students to carry water, but not other beverages, with them, so schools may require that the bottle be clear or transparent so that this rule can be enforced. It is a good idea to prepare for cold season with a few boxes of tissues for the locker and a few travel-size tissue pouches to carry in the pocket. Further, any personal toiletries desired for gym class or for the locker, such as a hair brush, hair spray or gel, hair ties, also should be purchased.


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