Three Adjectives to Describe Black


The word "black" is an adjective in most cases. If you use an adjective to describe it, you are using "black" as a noun, which primarily refers to color. Adjectives modifying "black" will change the quality of the color itself.

Coal and Pitch

  • You enhance or deepen the image of "black" as a color by adding a modifier such as coal black or pitch black. The qualities of coal and pitch add intensity and strength to the image, for example: "The coal black cat vanished into the darkness, lost in the pitch black night."

Sky and Jet

  • Similar adjectives that modify "black" are sky black, referring to the depth of the cosmos, or jet black, adding the texture of the mineral to the noun. Crow black is another, imparting the luster of bird feathers to the color's quality.

Dylan Thomas' String of Adjectives

  • One of the most fascinating word-strings in literature is in Welsh poet Dylan Thomas' "Under Milk Wood," which describes the sky as "starless and Bible-black," and the ocean front of a Welsh fishing village as "sloe-black, slow-black, crow-black." He invests the setting with animal, astral and biblical imagery, speed and the quality of the sloe, a dark fruit of the blackthorn plant.


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