Characteristics of a Jealous Friend


In life, everybody has their own set of looks, accomplishments and luck, and these factors are not always balanced in friendships. You might be one of those people who landed the amazing spouse, found a high-paying job straight out of college or have a natural resemblance to Heidi Klum. While many of your close friends will be happy for you, you can usually sense when a good friend is jealous.

She Flashes Fake Smiles

  • You've just given your friend some outstanding news about something in your life, and her reaction seems to be somewhat of a fake smile. Even though she is smiling and saying things like "that's so great," one of the characteristics of a jealous friend is that her responses to your life successes do not appear genuine. Look to see whether the excitement -- or lack thereof -- matches the degree of her smile. If the smile she flashes you is good enough to be on a toothpaste commercial, but her eyes appear cold or distant, then you can assume she is jealous of your good fortune.

She Criticizes Your Happiness

  • When you share exciting news with a friend, you expect your friend's reaction to be compatible with your own. Yet a jealous friend makes comments and slights to rain on your parade, burst your bubble and put you down in the most subtle of ways. An example is if you tell your friend that you and your spouse are pregnant. Her first response might be "congratulations," but then she will follow with "but I thought you two wanted to wait until you were married a little longer first." Her jealousy prevents her from being completely happy for you.

She Competes With You

  • For people who are jealous of their friends, everything starts to feel like a competition. Rather than simply congratulating you for your good news and letting you have the spotlight for the day, a jealous friend tries to snatch that spotlight away and take it for her own by one-upping you. You might tell her that your parents got you a full-paid vacation to Hawaii for your birthday, and her response might be that she is planning a trip to Europe. She will try to measure up because her jealousy makes her feel inadequate compared to you.

She Comes and Goes

  • When your life is not all cheery and happy-go-lucky, your friend is there for you and makes herself present. However, when things are going your way she disappears. That is an obvious sign of a jealous friend. Jealous friends often cannot surround themselves with those they are jealous of, because it is a constant and painful reminder that their lives do not measure up -- so they think. A jealous friend comes and goes in good and bad times, so pay attention to see when your friend is there for you the most and when she pulls a disappearing act.


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