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While the bachelor party is suppose to serve as a final guys' night out and as way to blow off steam before an upcoming wedding, it can also be an opportunity for the groom's friends to prank him a bit before the big day. Playing jokes on the groom or putting him in awkward and humorous positions can help make the bachelor party memorable, comical and enjoyable, especially for the other groomsmen.

End of the Night

  • After the groom has left his house or apartment, send a groomsman back to booby trap it for him. Whether or not alcohol is involved, the group will probably be staying up late and when the groom returns home, he will want to simply go to bed and sleep. Make this process more difficult for him by short-sheeting the bed.

    Make the bed so that the sheets are tucked in so tightly that it's a challenge to undo it and get into bed. This prank is a great way to end a night out for bachelors.

Fake Him Out

  • After the groom has been drinking for a while, send him a a shot of water or fruit juice. Give him the shot and take pictures as he takes it. The groom will be wondering why his groomsmen are laughing as he takes his faux shot, especially if he reacts to it by making a face as though the shot was strong. Take photos of him doing the juice shots and reveal the joke to him in the morning.

Tattoo Trick

  • Trick the groom into believing he received a tattoo at his bachelor party. Once the groom passes out for the night, carefully apply a temporary tattoo to his arm, chest or back. When he wakes up the next morning, discuss how the group of you went to a tattoo parlor the night before where he insisted on getting a tattoo. Keep the joke going until the groom really starts to panic and then reveal that it washes off.

Barricade the Room

  • Keep the party going into the morning by barricading the groom in his room or bed. Once the groom falls asleep, enlist the other groomsmen to help you fill the area surrounding his bed and all the way to the door with cups filled with water. When the groom wakes up for breakfast or to use the bathroom, he may not even notice the cups filling his room. He will get an unpleasant surprise as he steps in water in an attempt to leave the room. Even if he notices the water before stepping out of the bed, it will still be a challenge to maneuver his way out of the room without disturbing the cups.

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