Parts of a Descriptive Essay


Description is one of the most difficult skills a writer can master. Ideal description shows the audience rather than tells the audience. The parts of a descriptive essay must come alive in the reader's mind to either entertain, instruct, foster understanding or provide escape. These elements help the author to describe objects, people, places, experience, emotions and situations in vivid detail.

Clear Language

  • Choose your words carefully when writing a descriptive essay. Pick words that are the most relevant to your subject, and omit words obscuring the detail of the subject. The style of writing should be directly to the point so the reader is always aware of what idea the writer is expressing.

Verbs and Nouns

  • Use verbs and nouns instead of adverbs and adjectives. Words such as "lovely" or "beautiful" do not paint a picture in the reader's mind. Such words are mere shadows of the description that should happen in the reader's mind. Instead explain to the reader what is beautiful, why it is beautiful and how it is beautiful. Simple verbs and nouns work to the writer's advantage in this regard.

Objective Description

  • Objective description is describing a subject in a straightforward manner while putting the writer's feelings in the background. This kind of description is part of our verbal response and skill memory. Verbal response is the ability to recall certain information such as what your teacher said in class; skill memory is the ability to remember certain tasks such as riding a bike. These instances are described in the essay using an objective approach closer to instruction rather than personal observation.

Subjective Description

  • Subjective description is describing a subject in accordance with your personal views to illicit an emotional reaction from the audience. Subjective description is part of our emotional response memory. Emotional response is the mind's ability to connect sensory information with past events such as your first kiss and how you felt during the kiss.


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