Tumbling Games for Kids


Jumping, tumbling and running games get children active and offer an outlet for that extra energy they have. They help children form bonds with other children and offer a foundation for other, more intense sports activities. As parents and teachers its important to teach children the importance of physical activity and that it does not have to be boring. Tumbling games get children running, squirming, jumping and laughing, while giving them the exercise they need.

Leap Frog

  • Leap frog is a traditional kids tumbling game. A few kids need to form a line with space between each other and curl down on their hands and knees making a frog-like shape. This forms an obstacle course for the players. The first player to go places his hands on the back of the "frog" in front of him and jumps over the kneeling child. He repeats the action for all the frogs in the line. When the player finishes, he needs to curl down on his hands and knees and become the last frog in the line. It then becomes the next child's turn and when all the standing children have taken a turn, the first bent-over frog in the line gets up and becomes the jumping player.


  • Caterpillar is a relay game for kids using two sleeping bags. Make a start and finish line where you want them. Line up the children in two teams. Place half of each team at the start line and the other half of each team at the finish line. The first person of each team needs to get into the sleeping bag and must squirm on hands and knees (in the sleeping bag) like a caterpillar to the finish line. The next team member at the finish line hurriedly gets in the sleeping bag and squirms back to the start line. The team to get to the finish line first with the last team member wins.

Trampoline Jump

  • The trampoline jump is very simple. Two kids at a time get onto a trampoline. The parent or teacher gives them a jump sequence. They both must follow the sequence exactly. For example, tell them to jump, drop onto their bottoms, jump again, and then drop onto their bottoms again. Follow with other more difficult jump sequences. Whoever does it right the longest, wins.

Follow the Leader

  • Lay mats on the floor and choose one child to start. Have him perform one tumbling skill like a hand stand or somersault. The next player in line has to perform the first player's tumbling skill and add another to the sequence. Each player has to perform all the tumbling activities in order. Children who make a mistake or forget the sequence are removed from the game. The child who can do all of the skills without making a mistake wins.

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