Custodian Record Certification


Documents placed into evidence during a lawsuit can make or break your case, so it's imperative that such records, whether from hospitals, law enforcement, businesses or other organizations, are legitimate documents. The records custodian -- individual responsible for keeping the records of a particular entity -- must certify that the records are authentic and complete. The certification accompanies the documents when entered into the court record.

Custodian Record Certification

  • The custodian of records enters his name on the certification and declares he is the custodian of records for the named organization. He affirms the records are true, accurate copies of original records -- or certifies that, after a thorough search, certain requested records could not be located, were unintentionally lost, destroyed as part of the normal course of business, or do not exist. He must sign and date the certification. If the custodian makes a false statement on a certification, he may be subject to criminal charges and penalties. The requirements of a certification can vary from state to state.


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