What Causes Major Gas & Bloating After Eating?

Being bloated can cause abdominal discomfort.
Being bloated can cause abdominal discomfort. (Image: BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Bloating is the feeling that your stomach is puffy and larger than usual and can often be accompanied by gas. If you feel bloated and have a lot of gas after you eat there can be several things at work. Common causes include the types of food that you're consuming and swallowing air as you eat.

Food Intolerance

Any time you eat carbohydrate-rich foods or dairy and find yourself dealing with bloating and gas, you may be suffering from a food intolerance. One common food intolerance is celiac disease, which means your body can't process gluten properly. Switching to a gluten-free diet can help to get rid of your gas and bloating after eating. Another is lactose intolerance. Eliminating dairy products from your diet will ease your symptoms if lactose intolerance is the culprit.

Swallowing Air

It is normal to swallow some air when you chow down. If you constantly find yourself plagued by gas and bloating, this could be the cause. Burping is a healthy way to get rid of swallowed air. If you do not burp, your body will get rid of the swallowed air by passing gas. Avoid bloating and gas by not fighting the urge to burp. It's also important to take your time while eating. People tend to swallow more air when eating in a hurry.

Different Kinds of Food and Drinks

Even if you are perfectly healthy and can eat all kinds of foods, some foods cause more gas and bloating than others. Soda can be a leading cause of bloating. If you are consuming several glasses a day, cut back and you should see a reduction in bloating. Even if you're on a very healthy diet, you can still experience extreme gas pains. Some of the most nutritious vegetables cause the body to produce gas, which include broccoli, cucumbers and cabbage.

Eating too Much

Overeating can also lead to bloating and gas. It's better to eat several small meals a day than to eat one or two large meals. When you eat too much at one sitting, your digestive system has to work harder to digest the large portion of food. Putting less food on your plate can lead to less bloating and gas in the long run. You should also pick small portions when consuming really sugary sweets such as chocolate cake or candy.

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