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Horseshoe nails are believed to have been introduced between 500 and 600 B.C., but were not common until 1000 A.D., when they were mostly used on war horses rather than for agricultural uses. Today the nails come in a variety of sizes and types. You may use them for a variety of art and craft projects.


  • You can create unusual and enduring earrings for your equestrian-obsessed loved ones using horseshoe nails. It is best if the nail is new, as there is less chance of the nail breaking as you bend it. Thread a small metal ring onto the thinnest end of the nail before folding the tip over the ring to hold it in place. Glue beads or feathers onto the beveled end of the nail. Attach an earring hook onto the metal ring. Create a matching earring and wear your earrings with pride.


  • Use four small horseshoe nails to create miniature crosses for pendants on necklaces, rosaries or glued around a frame for a religious picture. Press two horseshoe nails together so the heads are on opposite ends. Wrap metal jewelry wire tightly around the nails to hold them together. For additional decoration, use a colored wire. Do the same for another pair of nails. Once the nails are wrapped, put them together at perpendicular angles and use wire in an x pattern to hold the wrapped nails together in a cross pattern. Make another loop out of the wire at the top of one nail if the pendants are going to be hung on a necklace or rosary.


  • You can also use horseshoe nails to create a heart-shaped pendant for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. Bend the tips of two nails until they are curved to form a heart. Braise the two nails where they meet at the tips and at the heads to keep the nails in a heart shape. Use leather laces or metal chain to hang the heart on a necklace. For additional decoration, wrap the nails in colorful metal jewelry wire or glue rhinestones to the sides of the heart. Add jewelry clasps to either end of your chain or leather so the necklace can be worn regularly.


  • Use horseshoe nails to make miniature figurines to hold candles, pens, scrap paper or just entertain house guests. Design your figure on paper before beginning. Braise horseshoe nails together to form the body of the figure. The heads of the nails work well to represent joints in the shoulders and hips of the figure. Add additional decorations such as small metal disks, springs or circular spirals to hold everyday household items. Personalize the ornaments to reflect your job or hobbies by adding decorated metal sheets, tubing, or doll accessories such as guitars or hats.

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