The Best Combs for Toy Poodles

Toy poodles' fine hair needs to be combed after every bath.
Toy poodles' fine hair needs to be combed after every bath. (Image: George Doyle & Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Combs are essential for small, fluffy dogs like the toy poodle. You don't have to attempt any of the elaborate styles poodles sport in show rings, but you do need to bathe, brush and comb your toy poodle regularly to keep it looking healthy. The best combs for toy poodles have metal tines instead of plastic, and they should have long handles to prevent hand fatigue.

General Grooming Comb

Every toy poodle should have an all-purpose comb for general grooming. The best comb for your dog should have 1-inch metal tines — long enough to capture all the hair, but not so long as to be awkward. The tines should be spaced a moderate distance apart. You can use this comb on any part of the dog, but be careful around the face and on the belly, where nipples may be hidden under fur.

Matting Comb

A matting comb is an invaluable tool, especially if you let your poodle's hair grow out to its natural length. The best matting comb for a toy poodle should have 1-inch metal tines spaced closely together. As its name suggests, the matting comb is used for combing out mats, but it can also be good for removing debris from the coat if your poodle likes to roll around outside.

Slicker Brush

Combs are an important part of toy poodle grooming, but brushes are equally essential. A slicker is a rectangular brush with small wire teeth set close together. It's useful for removing dead hair and dirt from your toy poodle's coat. These brushes are widely available in pet stores, but some of these are poorly made. If you want the best, look for one that has a cushioned grip and strong teeth. A small slicker brush should work for a toy poodle.

Pin Brush

A pin brush looks almost like a brush you might use for your own hair. It has thicker teeth than the slicker brush, which are usually set in a rubber cushion. Their thick, long teeth help to penetrate the toy poodles' long hair. Quality pin brushes are made of wood, not plastic, and the pins are rust-resistant.

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