Why Is a Jingle Important in Advertising?

Jingles have been imporant in advertising since the first days of radio.
Jingles have been imporant in advertising since the first days of radio. (Image: Ablestock.com/AbleStock.com/Getty Images)

It happens to everyone. At some point in time, everyone hears that jingle on the radio or television that sticks in their head for days. You go to sleep at night and it's there. You wake up in the morning -- still there. Sometimes several days pass before you ever get rid of the song and sometimes it takes hearing another song or jingle to do so. Jingles are important advertising tools that nearly every business needs, especially if advertising through mass media.

Making It Memorable

Aside from sticking in your head for a period of time after you hear the jingle, one of the key reasons that advertisers use jingles is to make their product and commercial for it as memorable as possible. This goes hand-in-hand with its stickiness in that the fact that it remains in your head for several hours or days commits the jingle to long-term memory and makes it something easy to remember. When it comes time to buy the product, the memory of its jingle will already be firmly embedded in your memory.

Creating Familiarity

Jingles also have the purpose of creating a familiarity with the product which may have been previously unknown. In some sense, the jingle can break down or remove knowledge of the unknown and create a familiarity with the product through song. Songs have a way of appealing to our inner sensitivity better than words on a page or the spoken word. The warmth of a song helps to overcome any barriers we may have that prevent us from knowing about the product.

Emotional Advertising

The warmth and familiarity created by a jingle is only one emotional aspect to the jingle. Jingles can be used to create many different types of emotions because they are tied to music. Music can have a mood-altering effect and this can be utilized to create several different emotions in just one jingle. A jingle can take the potential customer through an entire range of emotions and leave her with the most important one at the end, one that makes her feel good and positive about the product she has just learned about through the song.


The effective jingle can actually create a desire for the product it is advertising as well. By creating the right emotion associated with the product, the advertiser can get the prospective buyer to actually want their particular product over a potential competitor's product. Some of this stems from the sense of familiarity and how memorable the jingle is in advertising the product. The jingle can, in some sense, overcome any subconscious barriers we have to buying the product and create a sense of need or desire for it.

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