Unwed Fathers' Legal Rights in Kansas


All fathers should be a part of their children's lives, whether they are married or if they have their kids out of wedlock. The courts recognize that certain rights exist. States vary on the legal given rights; in Kansas, paternity must be established.


  • In Kansas, a man must determine paternity of a child before any rights are awarded to him. How this is defined depends on the circumstance. Someone can be presumed to be the father if he acknowledges paternity and signs the child's birth certificate as the father. He can also acknowledge the paternity in writing. Paternity is important, because it acknowledges responsibility of the child until he reaches adulthood. Also, no rights exist for unwed fathers until paternity is acknowledged.

Alternative Ways to Determine Paternity and Revocation

  • Kansas is one of 11 states that has provisions for men to voluntarily acknowledge paternity through forms. These forms are then turned over to social services departments, registrars of vital statistics and other similar organizational bodies. A man can also file an affidavit with the court to claim his paternity. It is important to be clear about possible paternity. Kansas is one of seven states that require a court proceeding to renounce any paternity claim.


  • Once paternity is established, the court will likely set up child support payments. Support is important because it ensures to the legal system that you are taking care of your child. Child support varies, depending on how much income the non-custodial father makes and how much is agreed upon by the court.


  • An unwed father who has established paternity also reserves the right to have visits with his children. Visitation rights should be discussed and agreed upon by both parties. Because a fair agreement can be up for interpretation, a truce with an ex-girlfriend might not be an easy thing to achieve. If talking with your child's mother is not a viable solution, you may want to consult with an attorney to be sure that your rights are enacted as they should be.


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