Simple, Small Tattoo Ideas for Girls

A small tattoo on a woman can express her personality in a modest way.
A small tattoo on a woman can express her personality in a modest way. (Image: Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images)

When tattoos first became popular, women rarely got them; body art was thought to be reserved for rebellious or extremely eccentric. These days, more women are getting tattoos, but may want small designs that are discreet or are easily hidden in professional clothing. A tiny image with a personal or sentimental connotation will make the tattoo especially meaningful as well.

Name or Initials

A tiny tattoo featuring a woman's initials or name is ideal, since it will always have relevance. Discreet places on the body for the tattoo include the back or ankle; some women also choose have the tattoo applied to their wrists. A simple design for the letters will further display a woman's style without making the tattoo too complicated or noticeable. For instance, a cursive letter A on the wrist in brown or red ink can blend with a woman's skin tone. Some women may also choose to get tattoos of their children's initials, or the names of a husband or family member in small print.

Birth Sign

A zodiac sign makes a cute tattoo that also has a lifelong meaning. However, some symbols look better on certain parts of the body than others; for instance, the pair of wavy lines for the Aquarius sign is looks attractive but discreet on the ankle, as does the Gemini sign, which looks similar to the Roman numeral two. The Libra scale design is attractive on the small of the back or shoulder area. Getting the tattoo in colorful ink that matches the skin tone will make the tattoo a little more modest; darker ink for a smaller tattoo is fitting if the tattoo is in a place that isn't always exposed, like the top of the arm or thigh.


A small image of a flower that isn't too intricate looks both delicate and daring on the hand or behind the ear. An outline of the flower makes for a simpler tattoo, as adding lots of color will make the body art especially noticeable. One or two shades, however, will add definite prettiness to the tattoo, e.g. a pink hibiscus tattoo on the back of the neck, or a tiger lily in orange and brown for the foot or ankle. There are also flowers associated with birth months that make beautiful small tattoos, like a iris for February or a rose for June.

Favorite Things

A completely personalized tattoo that expresses a woman's interests or the things she deems precious in her life makes an inventive tiny tattoo. For instance, a woman who loves to write may opt for a quill pen image on her ankle; if she loves to cook, a whisk or image of a cupcake on her wrist is cute and unexpected. A woman who is interested in sports may decide on a tattoo of a basketball or soccer ball behind her ear or on her neck, so the body art isn't visible when her hair is down. Symbols that represent her whimsical femininity or love for animals make attractive tattoos as well, such as a tattoo of a dolphin featuring blue and green shades, or an image of a fairy in metallic shades.

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