What Determines Permanent Residence in Indiana?


Indiana residency is determined by a manifest intent to remain within the state for a significant period of time. The theory is that a person would not go through the trouble of obtaining a driver's license, address or voter registration without having an intent to live within Indiana's borders for an extended period of time.

Who Qualifies?

  • For purposes of obtaining a driver's license in the state, specific classifications of people are considered residents. First, any person living in Indiana and not holding any other legal residence would be considered an Indiana resident. A person holding a legal residence in another state but has resided in Indiana for 183 consecutive days is considered a resident as well. Persons registered to vote, having children enrolled in Indiana schools, receiving half of his gross income in Indiana or one enrolled in a truck driving school in the state are also all considered residents.

Who Does Not Qualify?

  • Some long-term residents of the state do not qualify for residency status. A person attending an institution of higher education or one on active military duty in Indiana is not automatically considered a resident. A person operating specialized construction equipment temporarily on a public road is also not a resident of Indiana.

Obtaining a Driver's License

  • Those who qualify are eligible to apply for an Indiana driver's license. Applicants will need proof of Indiana residency, such as bills or mail with an Indiana address, documents proving identity, a Social Security card and proof of lawful status.

Foreign Driver's Licenses

  • Indiana residents wishing to transfer a foreign driver's license must pass the written test and driving skills assessment before being issued an Indiana driver's license. Residents must provide proof of lawful status, Social Security number and proof of Indiana residency. Applicants will be given a 30-day temporary license while their identity is confirmed through a central database. The license will then be mailed to the resident if all identification documents are verified.


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