Foods for Dizziness


Dizziness can occur for a variety of reasons including hunger, side effects from a medication or low iron. Depending on the reason you are feeling dizzy, certain foods may help you feel better. Although eating the right food is a step toward curing your dizziness, make a doctor's appointment if you have chronic dizzy spells.

Meat and Protiens

  • Red meat and other proteins can help alleviate dizziness caused by low iron in the body. If you have anemia or are prone to having low iron, eat a diet rich in foods containing iron to keep yourself from becoming lightheaded. Having beef a couple of times a week for dinner can help you add more iron to your diet. If you do not like red meat, peanut butter is a non-meat alternative that contains a good amount of iron.


  • If you are diabetic, you can suffer from hypoglycemia if your blood sugar becomes too low. Weakness and dizziness are considered classic signs of hypoglycemia. If you feel dizzy, drinking a glass of fruit juice, sucking on hard candy or eating one oatmeal cookie may help you get your blood sugar level under control. Make smart choices when managing your blood sugar level. Relying on cake and brownies to increase your sugar level may not get your levels to where they need to be.

Snacks to Avoid Dizziness

  • Working all day, running around doing errands and taking care of family can leave little time for meals. Eat enough calories throughout the day so you do not become dizzy. Skipping breakfast and lunch and only eating dinner is never a good idea. If you have a chaotic schedule, pack protein bars, bananas, nuts or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in your bag to avoid becoming plagued by dizzy spells.

Eat with Your Medications

  • If you must take antibiotics or any prescription medication your pharmacist directs you to take with food, you must follow this instruction. Some medications can cause nausea or dizziness when not taken with food. Even if you are not hungry enough to eat a full meal, plain carbohydrate-rich foods such as a slice of bread or a few crackers can settle your stomach and prevent unwanted side effects.


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