The Importance of Quality Evaluation in a Call Center

A professional attitude can make a big impression.
A professional attitude can make a big impression. (Image: Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Call centers have an important role in a company’s success. Whether the call center consists of individuals the company hires or a contracted service, call center representatives are the first people customers speak with when they need assistance or have a problem. Since customer service agents speak on behalf of the company, quality evaluations can help ensure customers receive professional attention and excellent service.

Learn the Need for Continued Training

To perform a call center evaluation, managers often listen to recorded phone conversations between a customer and a call center representative. By listening to these conversations, managers can learn about an agent’s level of knowledge about a company and the product with which he is providing assistance. Managers can also learn about an agent’s ability to communicate with customers. If it is apparent that a customer service agent lacks communication skills or company knowledge during a quality evaluation, a manager can provide the agent with additional training.

Improve Customer Service

AnyHours Solutions, a company that specializes in call center call monitoring, states that monitoring agent calls can enhance a customer’s service experience. Call center agents should remain positive, well mannered and pleasant during any call, even with the most difficult customers. An agent should reflect that she is actively listening to customers, confident in her knowledge about the company and its products and that she is committed to help a customer complete a task or resolve a problem. In addition to using the customer’s name during the call center, a customer service agent should provide information that makes the call center and company it represents appear transparent while directing and remaining in control of a conversation. Without these communication skills, customer service can become a top complaint of clients. By performing quality evaluation on call center calls, a company can learn about the top reasons customers call the center, the communication skills to emphasis during training sessions and verify which employees are holding a company back from reaching its goals.

Improve Speed of Service

In addition to waiting on hold, the steps a customer service agent must take with each caller can add to the wait time. When an agent begins a conversation with a caller, he must be able to identify the caller’s identity properly with the computer system prompts provided. If the agent does not immediately know the answer to a customer’s question, he must be proficient with his computer’s database in order to provide a thorough and accurate response. At the end of a call, AnyHours Solutions states that an agent should make sure he addressed all of the customer’s concerns. Ideally, an agent should be able to move through these steps without any problems. However, call quality evaluations can show if there any recurring problems regarding the speed of service and address those issues with the hiring of more employees or additional training.

Company Branding and Lead Generation

Every interaction a call center has with a customer has the potential to develop into a new business lead. For example, when a customer calls a cell phone company’s call center, the agent has the opportunity to tell the customer about a new service offered. Additionally, if the customer has a good experience with the agent or consistently receives good customer service when she calls the company, she may relay this information to an acquaintance in the market for a new cell phone carrier. By evaluating the quality of agent calls in a call center, a company can monitor if the employees are representing the brand appropriately and achieving the desired results.

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