Punishments for Vandalism in South Carolina


Vandalism of property is the defacement of another person or organization's property and the damage is viewable by the public. Regardless of whether the defacement occurred on private or public property, vandalism is a crime that is punishable by law. In some states, like South Carolina, the offender is punished according to the extent of the vandalism and if he is a repeat offender.

First Offense of Vandalism

Second Offense of Vandalism

  • The second offense of vandalism is another misdemeanor for the perpetrator and comes with a fine of up to $2,500. This offense also comes with jail time of up to one year. You will receive this sentence if you are caught committing a second act of vandalism within 10 years of committing your first act.

Third Offense of Vandalism

  • In South Carolina, your third offense of vandalism within the 10-year period gets you yet another misdemeanor charge and increases your fine up to $3,000. You may also receive a jail sentence of up to 3 years if found guilty.

Additional Punishment

  • In addition to any punishment administered under South Carolina law, the judge may order you to participate in community service. Also, the judge may order you to clean up the damage you caused and pay for the necessary cleaning supplies. You also may have to pay court fines and any other restitution the court sees fit as repayment for your crime.


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