How Long Does it Take From Planting to Harvest for Carrots?

High in vitamin A and fiber, carrots are a cool-season crop, best planted in early spring as soon as the soil is workable. Carrots prefer the cooler spring weather to the heat of summer, but if planted in warmer weather, the young seedlings will require some shade during hot afternoons. Carrots store well, can be eaten raw or cooked and take up to 78 days from planting to harvest, depending on the variety grown.

  1. Small and Baby

    • Small and baby carrots have round or cylindrical roots less than 5 inches long. Good for containers, small and baby carrots also will grow well in heavy or rocky soils due to their slight root size. Small varieties are best harvested when they reach just over an inch in diameter, at 58 to 60 days; baby carrot varieties are ready to harvest between 52 and 68 days.


    • Cone-shaped chantenay carrots adapt to any soil type and grow well in organically amended clay soils. Broad shouldered with a rounded, narrow tip, these carrots will develop a woody core if left in the garden too long. Harvest when 6 to 7 inches long, typically at 70 days.


    • Cylindrical in shape with a blunt end and good for juicing, sweet and tender danvers store better than other varieties. Best planted in sandy conditions or raised beds, danvers need room to grow to accommodate their thick cylindrical shape and 8-inch root. Slower to mature than other varieties, danvers are ready for harvesting in 75 days.


    • Sweet and crisp, nantes varieties grow straight and slightly tapered to 7 inches long. An easy-to-grow variety, nantes are best planted in raised beds or fertile, sandy soil, but will perform well in heavier soils without bending the root. Nantes do not store as long as some varieties and are ready to harvest in 63 to 70 days after planting.


    • Most often see in grocery stores, imperator varieties consist of long tapered roots to 11 inches in length. Imperator carrots prefer deep sandy loam conditions and a well-tilled garden bed to a depth of at least 12 inches to accommodate their long root growth. A number of hybrids encompass the imperator variety of carrot and are ready to harvest between 68 and 78 days.

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