The Best Dog Grooming Shears

You might need several types of shears to give your dog a complete grooming.
You might need several types of shears to give your dog a complete grooming. (Image: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Grooming shears are an essential addition to your home dog grooming kit. They're used to get at places clippers can't go, such as the long hairs inside a dog's ears or between its paw pads. There are many types of grooming shears available, and you can choose what you want based on your dog's needs and what feels good in your hand. But the best grooming shears should stay sharp and be safe for you and your dog.

Straight Shears

An all-purpose pair of dog scissors is 4-6 inches long, with a rounded tip to prevent injury to the dog if it moves suddenly. These scissors cut in a straight line and are ideal for simple cuts on the face, tail or paws. However, they're not ideal for use on a dog's body, because the cut will end up uneven. The best dog grooming shears are made of stainless steel, which lasts a long time and will not rust.

Nose and Ear Shears

Nose and ear shears are specially designed with short, sometimes curved, blades to get into tight areas, such as the ears and noses. They can also be used for spot work on the body, such as elimination of mats, tangles and burrs. Getting these scissors with a curved blade makes them easier to use.

Thinning Scissors

If you have a dog with long hair and you don't want to clip it, one of the best grooming shears is a pair of thinning scissors. These have gaps in the blade that help thin out the coat, rather than cutting it off. This will help you achieve quickly what it would take a long time to do with straight scissors. According to Total Dog Care, use a 28-tooth blade to achieve a soft, natural finish.

Curved Shears

For some of the more elaborate styles on poodles and terriers, use curved shears, which will give an even, rounded look that would be difficult to achieve with straight scissors. Like straight scissors, these should have a blunt tip. To keep your dog grooming shears performing their best, never use them to cut anything besides dog hair.

Curved shears can help achieve a rounded effect.
Curved shears can help achieve a rounded effect. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

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