Ideas for Verses on a "Thinking of You" Card


"Thinking of you" cards may be sent for any number of reasons, which don't matter as much as your taking the time to express your feelings of concern. "Thinking of you" cards express to the recipient that they aren't alone, no matter what they may be dealing with in life. "Thinking of you" cards let the recipient know that he is still connected to you as the card assures him you care enough to reach out.

Moving Away

  • When someone moves away, ties of friendship often do not survive. Send a "thinking of you" card to remind your friend that they aren't alone in their new location and you are still their friend. The card might read, "You may be feeling all alone, far away in your new home. However far away, remember each day that I'm still here through moving and strife. I am a friend for life." Based on the situation, create a verse around how you feel about your friend and the move. The verses do not have to rhyme but should have a natural rhythm. Rework your verses until they say what you wish them to say.


  • Sometimes you might send a "thinking of you" card to a friend or family member who is ill either at home or in the hospital. The emphasis in these cards is on your concern for the person and may include the assurance of your prayers. Your verses should include your understanding of the situation. Focus on what would best cheer up the individual. This might be something humorous like "I thought of you today, and I'm green with envy. I'm working while you relax, play video games and watch TV."

Death in the Family

  • When a person loses someone close or suffers a tragedy, they need their friends and family to support them. Whether or not you can be there in person, you can send a "thinking of you" card to let the person know you care. "You lost someone dear, and I want you to know, though I'm not there, I'm thinking of and praying for you because I care." Express your heartfelt concern in rhyme or free verse.

Because I Miss You

  • A good time to sit down and write a verse for a "thinking of you" card is when you miss your friend. Maybe your friend has moved away for work or school, is away for the holidays with family or is on vacation. Use the occasion to express to your fiend that you're feeling sad because you miss her. Put this into a verse, "I'm thinking of you tonight and of all the things we like to do together day by day. They aren't much fun without you here. I miss you when you're far away." Don't worry if the verse seems a little corny. The point is to express your feelings.


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