Importance of Meeting Daily in Business


Daily meetings are important for a number of reasons, such as keeping employees informed. Daily meetings also are necessary when companies are working through crucial issues like a shortage of manpower. Whatever the case, most daily meetings occur between immediate supervisors and employees. These meetings predominately take place first thing in the morning. That gives employees the rest of the day to complete their work. Daily meetings, though important, are usually short and to the point.

Update on Current Projects

  • Daily meetings allow business managers to obtain updates on various projects. Many business projects are conducted by groups of people. Each employee has his own assignments to complete. Employees can discuss what tasks have been completed. They can also discuss possible problems they encounter, such as production and shortage issues. Daily meetings keep employees motivated and on top of things. However, someone should be in charge of the minutes in daily meetings. That way, the team can more readily review follow-up assignments, according to, a human resources reference site.

Discussing New Projects

  • The business world is a dynamic place. New projects and requests arise each day. These requests range from simple data-gathering projects to new product introductions. Therefore, daily meetings allow managers to apprise employees of new projects and requests, then determine who will spearhead the efforts. For example, a marketing director could assign a new competitive intelligence project to the marketing research manager. Consequently, daily meetings allow managers to more readily absorb and plan new projects.

Reviewing Sales and Profits

  • Sales and restaurant managers must track sales and profits on a daily basis. Both have quotas for their sales teams and restaurant units, respectively. These quotas could be weekly or monthly in nature. However, daily meetings allow sales and restaurant managers to make contingency plans if sales are falling short. For example, a sales manager can use a daily meeting to reassign his best sales rep to a problem customer, one who needs more attention. A restaurant manager can inform the assistant manager to cut labor for the day if customer visits are expected to be down because of inclement weather.

Priorities Change

  • Daily meetings are important because priorities often change overnight in the business world. Projects are canceled, executives arrange emergency meetings or a customer account is lost. Directors and managers are first to get the new information, which they must readily communicate to their subordinates. Managers can easily inform employees in which areas to focus their efforts if they are already meeting with employees on a daily basis. Consequently, priorities get shifted and new deadlines are set to everyone's benefit.


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