The Advantages of Popularity


Popularity is, in a nutshell, being well-liked. While the term itself does have some negative connotations, actual popularity is extremely beneficial for both your personal and career lives. This is because people are more willing to help you, speak to you and engage with you if they like you, and the more people that like you, the more people are willing to do this.


  • Popular people tend to garner more respect than unpopular people do. This is because popular people are generally well-liked; people tend to respect popular people because popular people earn that respect. This means that if you are popular, you may find it easier to earn people's trust and relate to them. This means there can be more people willing to help you in a variety of ways, whether it's for things like personal favors or financial loans.


  • Popular people tend to be enthusiastic, excitable and passionate. This means they make excellent leaders, as people who are less enthusiastic are drawn to people who are more enthusiastic. What's more, a popular person can find it easier to cope in a leadership position, as his subordinates have warmer regard for him and are more inclined to follow his instructions.


  • People are more inclined to agree with people they like. If you are popular, more people may like you, which in turn means they are more inclined to agree with you. Finally, this means that popular people usually have an easier time persuading others on their viewpoints. This can help you in a variety of different ways. If, for example, you are a salesman who is popular with a particular group of clients, you are better equipped to convince them of your new product line's benefits than someone who is unpopular with that group of clients.


  • Popular people feed off other people's positive energy. This makes them more self-confident, which in turn can increase their popularity and general charisma. Self-confidence is key to many parts of your life, from your friendships to job interviews to your romantic relationships. So the self-confidence that comes from popularity can improve a number of other facets of your life.


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